BFT-Forecast 3.xx

BFT-Forecast 3.xx is a company's financial model. Using it you can easily prepare a company's long-term financial plan. BFT-Forecast 3.xx is the product with capabilities that surpass many similar software products. This program has already been distributed for several years and has a broad customer base.


  • suitable for industrial, service and trade businesses
  • prepares a complete set of financial statements and detailed tables
  • cash flow statements are created in a direct and indirect way
  • absolutely flexible choice of products (up to 50 products)
  • flexible choice of the first two years of the planning period (you can plan in months, quarters or years)
  • planning horizon of 7 years
  • using additional expense items, the software is easily adoptable to your company
  • flexible planning of settlement with buyers and suppliers
  • detailed planning of changes in fixed asset
  • comparison of actual and planned indicators
  • wide list of financial indicators
  • languages: English
  • a lot of graphic information

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel (Excel 2007 or newer)

The software has a clear and logical planning sequence, so to begin working with the program quickly, you will not need exclusive training - you will be able to work independently or only require short training. Our goal - to allow users to think about business and spend time preparing plans instead of reading user manuals. Our experience shows that most BFT-Forecast 3.01 users successfully begin working with it immediately after program installation.

BFT-Forecast 3.xx updates are free and the new version will be sold with a 50% discount.







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